The Sushi of Japan: Narita’s Edokkozushi

Perhaps you’ve heard the name before, Narita is Tokyo’s largest airport and if you’ve been to Japan, chances are you’ve landed there. To most, the little town of Narita is nothing but a blur flashing by the windows of the bullet train to Tokyo. Those brave enough to take a chance on this magical little place are in for a pleasant surprise.

Edokkozushi is a one-of-a-kind dining experience. This hole-in-the-wall is touted by the locals as “one of the best Sushi restaurants in Japan”. Finding this restaurant isn’t easy but well worth the effort. The best place to start is the Narita JR train station. Walk away from the station past the taxi loading zone and downhill toward the red wooden bridge. Take a sharp left onto an alleyway before you get to the bridge. Edokkozushi is half a block down on the right.

During lunch time, expect to be greeted by a hostess who, if you get there early enough, will grant you the privilege of sitting at the sushi bar. The alternative for latecomers is at one of four bare wooden tables. If sitting at the counter, the only question you’ll have to answer is “wasabi okay?”. After you confirm your willingness to endure the horseradish-like condiment, let the chef do his thing, it is called Omakase, but you probably already knew that. Do not despair if a table is your only option, in true Japanese style, the menu has pictures. Truth be told, there are only four options presented to westerners. The Jo is my favorite sushi combination with the addition of cho-toro, if you feel like splurging, or otoro if you have deep enough pockets and want this to be the benchmark for all future sushi experiences.

Among the meal’s highlights were Uni (sea urchin), crab meat, and the ever-present Unagi (eel), the latter being the local speciality. Service was cordial and fast. Don’t expect much from the facilities but that’s not why one comes here. Credit cards are accepted which in Japan is never to be taken for granted. In conclusion, let the rest of the world dream of Jiro, we’ll keep our feet on the ground and take the short walk from Narita JR station to Edokkozushi!