Independent Society by Matias Masucci Los Angeles screenwriter, film director, producer, copywriter, freelance writer, web designer, journalist, actor, photographer.


My name is Matias Masucci and I am the founder of Independent Society. Independent Society is the platform through which I produce and share my work, the things that inspire it and that which interests me.

Matias Masucci Briann Film Director Actor Writer Screenwriter Independent Society
My wife Briann and I

My professional journey began nearly twenty years ago with a small “acting” role in a music video (very Europe 1990’s). I have continued to act since my “debut” and you can see some of my work by clicking right here.  Some ten years ago, I decided to step behind the camera, first to write and ultimately to direct my own work. You can view some of my films and video projects here.

To date, I consider the feature film Noise Matters to be one of my greatest accomplishments so I hope you can find the time to watch it here. If you don’t like it, I’ll refund you the $1.99.

At first my “literary efforts” were limited to screenplays, but over time I realized writing would keep me company for a long time to come. I am proud of my short fiction and if you like reading, you can find a few short stories here.

Having had to light scenes and operate the camera myself from time to time when working in film production, I began learning the principles of lighting and cinematography. Eventually, I became fascinated with photography. You can see some of my photographs here.

Matias Masucci Director Actor Writer Screenwrtier
Directing on the set of Noise Matters

In addition to a place where I share my projects, this website also serves as a personal blog and a place where I share my views and the opinions, ideas and work of the people who interest me. In case you were wondering, the domain is derived from the words INDependent and SOciety.

I enjoy collaborating with like-minded companies and individuals and often make my services available on a freelance basis. Please use the contact page to inquire about my availability.

When I am not working, I spend my time being a husband and a father.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.