Independent Society by Matias Masucci Los Angeles screenwriter, film director, producer, copywriter, freelance writer, web designer, journalist, actor, photographer.


My name is Matias Masucci and Independent Society is the platform through which I produce and share my creative work, the things that inspire it and interest me.

Matias Masucci Briann Film Director Actor Writer Screenwriter Independent Society
My wife Briann and I

My journey in entertainment began in the mid 90’s with a small “acting” role in this music video (very Europe 1990’s). By clicking right here you can see some of the acting work I have done since then.  In the mid-2000’s, I took my chances behind the camera, first to write and ultimately to direct my own work. You can view some of my films and video projects here.

You can watch my first feature film Noise Matters by clicking right here.

At first my “literary efforts” were limited to screenplays, but over time I started working on short fiction. You can find a few short stories here.

Having had to light scenes and operate the camera myself from time to time, I began learning about cinematography and eventually became interested in photography. You can see some of my photographs here.

Matias Masucci Director Actor Writer Screenwrtier
Directing on the set of Noise Matters

In addition to a place where I share my creative efforts, this website also serves as a personal blog and a place where I share the opinions, ideas and work of the people who have influenced me along the way.

In case you were wondering, the domain is derived from the words INDependent and SOciety.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask by emailing me at my first and last name at Gmail. Thank you!