Noise Matters Set Photography by Stefania Rosini

Noise Matters Set Photography by Stefania Rosini.

Noise Matters: The Photo-Documentary. This is a photographic essay on the making of the feature film Noise Matters by set photographer Stefania Rosini. It documents the 53 days of principal photography between March 19, 2009 and May 23rd 2009 and the incredible people who have made it possible.


(What follows is a small preview of the over 300 photographs.)

It was compiled to give everyone a chance to relive the tour de force we experienced on the historical spring of ’09 and as a further way of thanking all the amazing participants and supporters to our journey.

Photo Credits:

Photography by: Stefania Rosini

Production: Noise Matters

Director: Matias Masucci

Lighting: Sebastien Hameline

Cast: Ugo Bianchi, Matias Masucci, Bret Roberts, Dean Del Ray, Brain McGuire, Kevin Dorian, Frank Payne, Circus-Szalewski, Mona Goss, Barbara Magnolfi, Ken Macfarlane, Luciano Mancinone, Dominique Dorian, Angela Sarafyan, Pollyanna Mcintoch, Nika Williams, Johnny Skourtis, Angel Fajardo, Brock Brennan, Chad Herman, Delphine Perroud, Gene Richards, Robert Wilhelm, Sheryl Jeffcoat, Nicolai Dorian, Trip Rezach.

Crew: Sebastien Hameline, Kevin Dorian, Stefania Rosini, Hans Holm, Barbara DiCocco, Jennifer Ferdinand, Artemio Caballero, Nicolai Dorian, Lee Cantelon, Danny Gosser.