Noise Matters World Premiere: London September 29th

Noise Matters Premiere! We are pleased to announce that Noise Matters will have its world premiere in London on September 29th at the 20th annual Raindance Film Festival.

For further details and to purchase tickets please visit the official Raindance Film Festival page by clicking the link below:

Noise Matters at the 20th annual Raindance Film Festival

Further updates can be found directly at the Noise Matters website at

To view the trailer click here: Noise Matters – Official Trailer

Here is what the festival had to say about our film:

“The whole essence of noise is that there are no instruments. We’re not musicians, we make noise.” Noise Matters is a two hour lesson in noise and a journey into the minds of some rather eccentric characters. While it is intimately touching it’s also outrageously funny in its satire on music, noise and the arts.

While it takes the disguise of a simple documentary, it soon becomes clear that this is something out of the ordinary. In Noise Matters we get to follow the fictional noise making band Shame on You. The band consists of Stan, the traumatised abstract painter; Philip; the sound engineer genius; Ryan, the political activist with an anger management issue and the professional noise maker and self proclaimed band leader Dagobert. The band is managed by their completely inappropriate and somewhat delusional manager, Captain Monroe, who wants the band to record an album in order to reach the bigger market. This becomes a question of artistic integrity which splits the band in two camps and threatens to ruin it all.

Matias Masucci’s feature length debut is without a doubt in a class of its own and it’s sure to divide audiences. It’s splendidly bonkers and leaves you wanting just a little bit more.

by Mirjam Genetay