Production Update: Rotting Dancers Completed

We are pleased to announce the completion of the experimental short film project titled Rotting Dancers.

The film can be now viewed on our films page. We are particularly proud of this project and we believe it marks a big step for all of us here at Independent Society. The film was written, shot and edited in less than a week and serves as a test to the current work flow recently adopted by our company. Independent Society would like to extend its gratitude to Rick Spalla and Jason Baguio of HIP FILMS for their assistance.

Five O Four

Pablo (Matias Masucci) decides he will not let death come between him and his fiance Bianca (Caitlin Dahl) and continues to go about his life as if her death never happened.

This morbid tale was directed and shot by Bryten Goss and written and produced by Bryten Goss and Matias Masucci.