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happiending wins Jury Award at DIFF

On March 9th 2009 “happiending” was awarded the Jury Commendation for Live Action Short Film at the 2009 Durango Independent Film Festival (DIFF).

This was happiending’s first festival appearance and I am extremely happy to know the film was noted among an exciting and high quality program, showcasing films from around the world. The film was met with an extremely positive reaction by the audience and screened to a full house on both occasions.

We would all like to thank the festival and the city of Durango for this distinguished honor.

“…I promise to keep my work real and personal and to do my best to live up to the acknowledgement I have received here tonight.” These were my words when I accepted the award.

happiending at the Durango Independent Film Festival

Independent Society’s latest production has been included in the 2009 Durango Independent Film Festival’s program. The film was written, shot, edited and directed by Matias Masucci and stars Ugo Bianchi.

The film is set to screen on the evening of March 5th 2009 at 9pm and on March 8th at 12pm.

If you wish to attend the screening or are interested in purchasing festival’s passes please visit the festival’s official website at

We look forward to seeing you at this exciting event in one of Colorado’s most picturesque destinations.


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Production Update: happiending

Today marks the completion of “happiending”, written, shot, edited and directed by Matias Masucci. The cast includes Ugo Bianchi, Erica Howard, Dov Tiefenbach and Luciano Mancinoni.

Independent Society is proud to present the film in exclusive right here on the website.

“What is a clown to do after forty years of failure?” Is where the story starts. The film falls under the genre coined by the director himself, “subjective realism”.

Synopsis: Ugo Bianchi is a clown faced with the disappointment of a life spent chasing a dream. The ambition to become a star was what drove him to Hollywood but broken dream after broken dream turned him into a helpless clown reduced at holding a sign on a street corner advertising fried chicken. Glimpses of his life as he rubs elbows with the stars (i.e. Jon Voight, Robert Duvall, Ben Kingsley, Joe Pesci etc.) are only a distant memory from his past that are of no consolation to him anymore. His crazy drunken landlord (Luciano Mancinoni) makes it a habit to pester him in any way possible. And his boss at work (Dov Tiefenbach) is not too happy about the way he holds the sign and threatens to fire him. Even suicide fails when a stranger (Matias Masucci) interferes. As a last resort he hopes to find some consolation between the arms of a prostitute (Erica Howard). Will he get his happiending? Not before the man who saved his life realizes that by interfering with death he will get a first hand taste of the old mans life and sorrows. Written & directed by Matias Masucci.

Production Update: Rotting Dancers Completed

We are pleased to announce the completion of the experimental short film project titled Rotting Dancers.

The film can be now viewed on our films page. We are particularly proud of this project and we believe it marks a big step for all of us here at Independent Society. The film was written, shot and edited in less than a week and serves as a test to the current work flow recently adopted by our company. Independent Society would like to extend its gratitude to Rick Spalla and Jason Baguio of HIP FILMS for their assistance.