What I am Watching This Evening… YouTube.

YouTube can be a great educational tool. Here’s what I’ve stumbled upon this evening.

Nerdwriter1 talks about internet art and how machines perceive differently than we do.

Vox teaches us how the Oscar’s voting process ends up awarding bland movies. Incidentally, they use the film The King’s Speech as an example. A film I found to be extremely dull and devoid of any creative joy. It was one sterile set-up after another. It was not a bad movie, it was the perfect bland movie, carefully tailored to follow all the rules and not offend anyone (especially from a visual stand point). Watching it probably felt like reading one of those books written by a machine in George Orwell’s 1984. I stopped considering the Oscars a good gauge for quality a long time ago, the Vox video made sense.

I couldn’t help but think about something I heard Federico Fellini talk about a long time ago. He was speaking about art, and he said something along these lines: “When it comes to art, you should not ask yourself is it good or is it bad? you should ask yourself, is it necessary?”.

Bill Nye talks about critical thinking and how to go about taking your first steps into the marvelous world of skepticism.

Just another evening learning a thing or two on YouTube.