Production Update: Noise Matters

On May 23rd 2009 principal photography on the feature film “Noise Matters” was terminated. The film has been in post production and is set to be completed by the fall of 2010.

This is a production update. It is May 24th 2010 and we are all one year older since the camera has stopped rolling on our set. There’s been a few small projects in between but the main focus has been on completing the film. I wish I could give everyone a date for completion but I can’t. The film has gone from the first cut of six hours and forty minutes to the second cut of a little under four hours to the last cut I have been working with. This last one is about 140 minutes (reasonable). A lot of progress has been done since I last posted an update but a lot more needs to be done before I’ll be happy. And so without further delay I shall return to the cutting board …or table or computer and do my best to match the shape of whatever has been stewing in my head to the visual narrative of the film. I have no idea what that last line means but for some reason it made me feel important.