Production Update: Noise Matters Completed

The completion of Noise Matters has been due for the past few months. Today I can finally sit down to announce it properly right here on the site.

We went into production on March 20th 2009, my calendar tells me it was a Friday, why I started production on a Friday at this moment escapes me but we must have had our reasons. My mother considers Friday a lucky day but I doubt superstition had anything to do with it. For whatever reason we started on “lucky” Friday and it worked because after only 921 days I have a finished film. Irony? Yes.

It was an unusually long post-production but a journey which afforded me the opportunity to learn invaluable lessons as a person and filmmaker.

It is not certain at this stage at what festival Noise Matters will premiere, as soon as I know I’ll be sure to post it right here on the site.

I am pleased with the results and hope the film will find its audience.

Thanks to everyone involved.

Matias Masucci