Italian Sunset on iPhone 6

Italian Sunset by Matias Masucci

I took this photo while in Italy in June of 2015. It was shot on an iPhone 6. Believe it or not, it has not been digitally manipulated. These are the original colors of the iPhone camera. Impressive! The tallest peak in the distance is Monte Rosa (Mont Rose).

2 thoughts on “Italian Sunset on iPhone 6”

  1. As I was curious, I just checked the specs difference between IPhone 6S and my almost 2 year old LG G2 on and was shocked to see such an inferior device like 6S being sold for about 3-4 times as my LG G2.

    Why would anyone buy this at this price?

    1. I don’t think the tech specs or performance is what make the iPhone appealing. It’s the “Apple universe” that’s built around it and the usability experience. I’ve always been a PC guy but when it comes to cell phones, once I tried the iPhone I never went back.

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