Chatting Up The Master

I want to be free.
From what?
Desire, pain, sadness, greed, hatred, fear and the list goes on and on.
Good luck.
I need your help, your guidance.
You are wise. People everywhere say you are wise, they come to you for advice.
People are misguided.

So you are not wise?
Perhaps I am, but wisdom isn’t something I can give to another. It isn’t something to be traded at the marketplace.
How can I get it?
I don’t know.
Should I rid myself of my earthly possessions?
I don’t know.
Are you a rich man?
No, I’m not a rich man.
Then I should be poor and practice humility.
You can’t practice humility.
Why not?
Practicing humility is in itself a lack of humility.
How so?
Humility just is. It is there or it is not there. Trying to be humble or practicing to become humble isn’t humble.
Why not?
Because you are modeling yourself after an idea of something you do not understand. The humble man is humble because he is humble.
I don’t understand.
That’s because I don’t know how to explain it.
But I’m in pain. I’m not happy. My life feels meaningless. Why can’t I find peace?
Your idea of peace is what makes it impossible for you to live in peace.
That’s very clever but is it true?
I don’t know.
Obviously I have a problem and so does the world. Are you telling me I don’t have a problem?
I am telling you that if you are not in conflict with yourself, you cannot be in conflict with the world.
Again, that’s very clever but I suspect the origin of the conflict does not come from within but rather from outside of me.
Where it is coming from is not the point. The goal in itself is false.
You mean happiness? The goal to be happy?
So you are telling me that I am not supposed to be happy?
If you were supposed to be happy you would be happy and that’s that.
You think I am supposed to be unhappy then?
How can I answer that?
If you can’t answer that than how can you say my goal of happiness is false?
Because a goal is a want and a want is effort and effort creates conflict.
You may be on to something there.
No, you may be.
Why do you say that?
Because what I say is the result of your questions.
Maybe we are both on to something then.
I don’t know about you but I’m not on to anything, just waiting to resume my silence.
Should we be silent? Is that the way to enlightenment, silence?
No, that’s just the way to silence and I like silence.
But something must be done about the human condition! I want to help humanity.
Help yourself.
That’s why I came here, I will take what I learn and spread the teachings around the world.
To help.
What for?
So that people can be happy?
Sounds like showing up at the world’s largest dam as it is about to burst with a bandage in your hand and hoping to fix the problem.
But I know I can make a difference, I know I can help.
You see a man with his foot trapped under a stone too heavy for him to lift, help that man lift the stone. That’s the kind of help you can give. The kind of help you are talking about makes the world blind.
Because “spreading wisdom” is the racket of the charlatan.
What about you?
I’ve got nothing to teach.
You only say that because you are clever.
You can believe that.
What I believe is that I have a mission to save myself and others along the way and I know you can help me.
You’ve come to take something from me so you can give it away at first and perhaps sell it down the line.
People listen to me.
People are misguided.
You’re not being very helpful.
I’m sorry.
I’ve come for the message.
There is no message.
So that’s the message!
That there is no message.
So, silence is the first step and then comes the discovery of the conflict brought on by the false goals and at least we learn that there is no message.
I don’t understand you.
If others are to be able to reach enlightenment, I must lay the path toward enlightenment and now I can do that by following the steps you gave me.
I didn’t give you any steps.
You are too modest. I’m modest too, I know I’m just a man.
Saying you are “just a man” is not modest.
A man is a man, not just a man. Just, implies the possibility of something else a man can be.
The important thing is that now I have the steps toward a better life.
And they came from you.
I don’t think so.
You’ve taught me so much! Thank you.
Wait, before you go, let me ask you a question.
What do you intend to do now?
I will build a church and spread the teachings. People will come and their life will be better because they will follow the teachings.
I see.
I will glorify your name.
You shouldn’t.
Don’t you think there are enough idols out there?
But they are false idols, this here is the truth I carry down with me.
The others said the same things.
I’m only a messenger.
Do you really want to help the world?
Yes I do.
Then you must do something for me.
This path leads to a cave. Take it. What you will find inside the cave will make the world a better place.
That’s great. Finally you can see what I see. I’ve been entrusted with this divine mission and now you can see it to. What made you change your mind?
I’ve realized you are special.
Thank you. I’ll run to the cave right now before it gets too dark.

The sun vanished and reappeared again. An old shepherd walks up to the silent man.

Good morning my friend.
Good morning to you.
I’ve brought you some fresh cheese from the village.
Thank you.
Did you hear what happened last night?
A crazy man ran at full speed into the bear infested cave and was eaten alive.
Did you know him?
No, he came from far away, they said he came up here looking for a wise man. I wonder if he found him.