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What I Believe in by E. M. Forster

I believe in aristocracy, though — if that is the right word, and if a democrat may use it. Not an aristocracy of power, based upon rank and influence, but an aristocracy of the sensitive, the considerate and the plucky. Its members are to be found in all nations and classes, and all through the ages, and there is a secret understanding between them when they meet. They represent the true human tradition, the one permanent victory of our queer race over cruelty and chaos. Thousands of them perish in obscurity, a few are great names. They are sensitive for others as well as themselves, they are considerate without being fussy, their pluck is not swankiness but power to endure, and they can take a joke.

by E. M. Forster

I often read this quote to friends. Somehow it captures an important quality in all people of goodwill. It seemed only appropriate I would share it right here.

Noise Fragments: Prozac for Cows

Prozac For Cows is a simple plan Ryan of Shame On You wants to implement.

“Basically every month what I like to do is try to get in about ten hours of protesting or striking, either one.” This is how Ryan (Dean Delray) starts to explain his latest social cause: giving psychiatric medications to farm animals. He recently joined the “Same Rights For All” group to combat the newly discovered Motion Deficit Disorder in cows who don’t get to “ran and play” outside.

Taken from the film Noise Matters written and directed by Matias Masucci starring Ugo Bianchi, Bret Roberts, Joey Capone, Dean Delray and Matias Masucci.