Another Story: The Screenplay

This is the very first screenplay I wrote. It was optioned by Jason Lee and Scott Martin at Niva Films back in 2004. Like a lot of other work circulating around Hollywood, it remains unproduced.

At the time, I had no interest in directing my own work so it bounced around from prospective director to prospective director until I moved on. As the reader may notice, I wrote it during a period of my life where my writing was influenced by the works of John Fante and Louis-Ferdinand Céline.

Perhaps one day I’ll be interested in it enough to put it back on the market or go out and shoot it. However, I must admit that some stories should be told when they are still fresh. Over time they become less and less relevant to the author. I’m not sure this is the case with this screenplay. I guess only time will tell.

Another Story – 10-21-2003 (click to view/download PDF)