Amazon Storywriter: Free Cloud-based Screenplay Writing “Software”

I took my first steps in the world of screenwriting back in 2001 using Movie Magic Screenwriter 2000. Later I switched to Final Draft and remained a happy camper until 2013…

Enter the amazing Google Chromebook!

It didn’t take me long after getting my Chromebook from Amazon for around $300 to fall in love with it.  In many ways, it felt like it represented the future of computing. A world where everything is in the clouds and hardware is only used to interpret information.

As you may know, the problem with Chromebooks is that you cannot install software in the conventional sense. What you can do instead is use “software” that work within your browser (Chrome in this case). This means I have been on the lookout for cloud-based screenwriting apps for a while. I tried out Celtx and a few others but eventually returned to Final Draft and only use my Chromebook for blogging and non-screenplay writing (short stories etc.).

CUT TO: 2015. Amazon is entering the cloud-based screenplay writing applications game! This isn’t a review of Amazon Storywriter per se, just a way to let my readers know what’s available out there. I look forward to testing the app on my Chromebook to find out just how good it is and if it can become my new favorite tool for writing movies. If you get a chance to test it, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

It appears you can submit your screenplay directly to Amazon Studios from the application so read their user agreement carefully and always make sure you understand how the rights pertaining to your story are handled!

As more and more companies understand the importance of mobility and cloud-based computing I hope it may encourage companies like Final Draft and their excellent products to get with the program and take to the clouds!

Amazon Storywriter can be accessed from within your browser by clicking right here.

For a more traditional writing experience you can buy Final Draft  by clicking right here.