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Orson Welles Quotes Collection

I may not agree with everything Orson Welles had to say but I’ve always found his views on the art of cinema to be akin to mine.

This is a collection of quotations I selected while reading the book This is Orson Welles” with Peter Bogdonovich & Orson Welles“.

I recommend it to anyone interested in his life and work. You may purchase it by clicking here.

“The only thing that keeps people alive in their old age is power.” (p. xvi)

“It is only in your twenties and in your seventies and eighties that you do the greatest work.” (p. xvi)

“Gentlemen went into art for its own sake not for money.” (p. xviii)

“I’m more like Celine – writing away at books no one ever reads.” (p. xxix)

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Noise Matters Set Photography by Stefania Rosini

Noise Matters Set Photography by Stefania Rosini.

Noise Matters: The Photo-Documentary. This is a photographic essay on the making of the feature film Noise Matters by set photographer Stefania Rosini. It documents the 53 days of principal photography between March 19, 2009 and May 23rd 2009 and the incredible people who have made it possible.


(What follows is a small preview of the over 300 photographs.)

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Production Update: Noise Matters Completion of Principal Photography

After 52 intense days of filming, on May 23rd 2009 principal photography for the feature film Noise Matters was completed. It was a great adventure made possible by the contribution of everyone involved. The names are too many to list right here but you know who you are. Thank you!

The film is set to be completed by March of 2010 with an approximate running time of 140 minutes. If you wish to inquire on the status of post-production or for release and screening information you may contact us via the contact page.