How To Make An Acting Demo Reel

This is a satire on the making of an actor’s demo reel.

As it is often the case, not very many people thought it was funny. When I came up with the idea I thought it was hilarious and the most amazing thing ever. I was mistaken but it was fun to make.

Thanks to Ugo Bianchi, Kevin Dorian and Sebastien Hameliene who helped with the making.

Note: A demo reel is what actors use to showcase their work.

Five O Four

Pablo (Matias Masucci) decides he will not let death come between him and his fiance Bianca (Caitlin Dahl) and continues to go about his life as if her death never happened.

This morbid tale was directed and shot by Bryten Goss and written and produced by Bryten Goss and Matias Masucci.