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A Teaser for Noise Matters

Noise Matters Deleted Scenes is a collection of shots and clips that was not used for the film but I’ve put it together because it conveys the feel that ultimately I like about Noise Matters. The song was specifically written for the film by Cody Marks and is titled I Found it All.

Noise Matters, starring Matias Masucci, Ugo Bianchi, Bret Roberts. Joey Capone, Dean Delray, Brian McGuire, Kevin Dorian, Circus-Szalewski and Frank Payne.


This is a matter of noise, its culture and its effects on the lives of a group of off-beat characters devoted to the simplest of all “arts”, making noise. “…memories are connected to sounds” says Dagobert, leader of the noise band “Shame On You”, as he explains the painstaking process of finding the right objects to generate unique and inimitable sounds capable of evoking emotions in the listener.

Noise Matters is a glance into the life of a professional noise maker, an abstract painter, a sound engineer and a social agitator brought together by their passion for creating sounds using everyday objects.

Trouble starts when their manager Captain Monroe, a womanizing conspiracy theorist and con man, insists on having them record an album that Dagobert just cannot bring himself to do. The story explores the implications of creative undertakings within a group and its impact on artistic integrity.

Production Update: Noise Matters Completed

The completion of Noise Matters has been due for the past few months. Today I can finally sit down to announce it properly right here on the site.

We went into production on March 20th 2009, my calendar tells me it was a Friday, why I started production on a Friday at this moment escapes me but we must have had our reasons. My mother considers Friday a lucky day but I doubt superstition had anything to do with it. For whatever reason we started on “lucky” Friday and it worked because after only 921 days I have a finished film. Irony? Yes.

It was an unusually long post-production but a journey which afforded me the opportunity to learn invaluable lessons as a person and filmmaker.

It is not certain at this stage at what festival Noise Matters will premiere, as soon as I know I’ll be sure to post it right here on the site.

I am pleased with the results and hope the film will find its audience.

Thanks to everyone involved.

Matias Masucci

Noise Matters Set Photography by Stefania Rosini

Noise Matters Set Photography by Stefania Rosini.

Noise Matters: The Photo-Documentary. This is a photographic essay on the making of the feature film Noise Matters by set photographer Stefania Rosini. It documents the 53 days of principal photography between March 19, 2009 and May 23rd 2009 and the incredible people who have made it possible.


(What follows is a small preview of the over 300 photographs.)

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