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Chapter Two: Sweet & Sour

Sweet & Sour is the second chapter of Independent Society’s series dealing with that which can be expressed without words. Sofia (Angela Sarafyan) takes care of her last costumer before closing her chocolate shop and spending some quality time with Marcello (Matias Masucci). Can they make it this time?

Written and directed by Matias Masucci, “Sweet & Sour” was shot and edited by Karbis Sarafyan and features appearances by Kim Blair and Brock Branan.

Photographed on location at Lady Chocolatt 12008 Wilshire Blvd. # 101 Los Angeles, CA 90025

Music courtesy of Layne Garrett (song: The L.A. County Coroner Whistles While He Works) via

Released under the Creative Commons License

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A Teaser for Noise Matters

Noise Matters Deleted Scenes is a collection of shots and clips that was not used for the film but I’ve put it together because it conveys the feel that ultimately I like about Noise Matters. The song was specifically written for the film by Cody Marks and is titled I Found it All.

Noise Matters, starring Matias Masucci, Ugo Bianchi, Bret Roberts. Joey Capone, Dean Delray, Brian McGuire, Kevin Dorian, Circus-Szalewski and Frank Payne.

This is a matter of noise, its culture and its effects on the lives of a group of off-beat characters devoted to the simplest of all “arts”, making noise. “…memories are connected to sounds” says Dagobert, leader of the noise band “Shame On You”, as he explains the painstaking process of finding the right objects to generate unique and inimitable sounds capable of evoking emotions in the listener.

Noise Matters is a glance into the life of a professional noise maker, an abstract painter, a sound engineer and a social agitator brought together by their passion for creating sounds using everyday objects.

Trouble starts when their manager Captain Monroe, a womanizing conspiracy theorist and con man, insists on having them record an album that Dagobert just cannot bring himself to do. The story explores the implications of creative undertakings within a group and its impact on artistic integrity.

Can You Dig?

Can You Dig? Is an experimental shoot that took place in the Mojave desert near Calico’s ghost town off of Interstate 15. It was shot as a test for the still unproduced film “West of Nowhere”. According to the screenplay this would have been the first three pages.

Synopsis: Digging a hole, in the middle of the desert, for no apparent reason, can drive one insane. Matias Masucci Digging, Shot & Directed by Kevin Dorian and bizarrely edited by Matias Masucci.

How To Make An Acting Demo Reel

This is a satire on the making of an actor’s demo reel.

As it is often the case, not very many people thought it was funny. When I came up with the idea I thought it was hilarious and the most amazing thing ever. I was mistaken but it was fun to make.

Thanks to Ugo Bianchi, Kevin Dorian and Sebastien Hameliene who helped with the making.

Note: A demo reel is what actors use to showcase their work.